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With Ikego you use open universal and multipurpose parts to build sustainable products for your home, office or public institution.

Quick intro

We create and collect open universal parts like these,

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View all | Start building

to build remixable circular solutions like these.

to build remixable circular solutions like these.

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See what people have created and shared (so far):

Explore our parts and their documented use cases.


The best way to start is to use your hands. We have several workshop formats from hands-on to digital-only. Let’s find the right one for you.

Ikego is open and best built together. Got an idea for a local group or business? Want to run workshops? Want to make and sell products? Get listed here. Connect with Ikego makers.


Ikego is a collaborative approach to sustainable circular design. Let’s build a greener future. Together.

Create designs using multipurpose parts, as part of your professional business or just for fun.

In short

A collaborative circular design revolution!

Empowered by

Ikego is an open growing building system that allows you to build almost anything for your home: From shelves to chairs to headphones to clothes! It’s like LEGO® bricks, just for the real world! Invented together.

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