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Parts Post Template

to copy:

Part info

  • What: Off the shelf …
  • material: 
  • measures: 
  • holes: Trikka grid,


Get the part

  • Buy: Readily available in stores, search for: “–” | Only as local make.
  • Make: No instructions available. 

Introduced by

  • Designer: Lars Zimmermann
  • Original post, original post backup.pdf
  • Open: Shared under TPP 1.0.
  • Open: This part was bought off the shelf. It is probably prior art. For high volume commercial use though check the legal status though (and let us know please)
  • Open: Prior art (most likely) 

Post license & disclaimer

  • This post is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.
  • Disclaimer: This part is just a concept and not fully tested. You should not assume that it works as indicated and I am not saying that it does. I disclaim any responsibility or liability for any damage caused during the construction and use of products based in whole or in part on the concept shown here. All information is provided for your use at your own risk.