Make an impact


we are Ikego, a collaborative circular design project from Berlin.

Design circular with multipurpose parts, build a local community or manufacture and sell sustainable Ikego products.

Read our cobuilding-guide and then just say hello.

We aim to build a global open community working together to reduce product waste by reusing and elevating each other’s work.

What we do


We develop a catalog of open multipurpose parts that anyone can make and use.


We grow and share a collection of models and products that can be made with these parts.


And we invite designers from around the world to join us in creating designs from multipurpose parts.

Why we do it?

To make


So we want to keep things in the

We invite:


to create sustainable products made from universal open parts and add remix options for existing solutions.


to produce and sell remixable circular products to their customers.


to buy sustainable products made from open multipurpose parts. 

Most products today are made from parts that are

  • single-purpose,
  • hard to produce,
  • difficult to separate,
  • and closed source,

making these products unsustainable because they are hard to repair, upgrade, remix and recycle. They go in the bin.

16 unique parts, some of which are inseparable, if one breaks, all become garbage

Ikego wants to collaboratively redesign everything from parts that are

  • multipurpose,
  • easy to make,
  • easy to separate,
  • and open source,

in order to enable circular practices such as upgrade, remix, repair, recycling and more. These products become nutrients for others.

Multipurpose? Yes. Ikego prefers parts that can be creatively reused in many different solutions, “like LEGO® bricks”.


manufacture and sell circular products made from multipurpose parts.

Start today.


help us to grow the world of products made from multipurpose parts and build yourself a business around it.

Start today.


order fun products made from multipurpose parts. 

Start today.