Universal open parts to build your creative home
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Universal parts to build your home
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It’s like “IKEA met LEGO”!
Useful products, but made from multi-purpose parts.
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The Marii

The Marii upgrades a classic open design chair to an open modular design for Ikego. By designer Audrey Burnard.

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✓ easy to remix = always fresh

✓ circular = sustainable

✓ easy to build = fun

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It’s “like IKEA met LEGO”:
Useful products, but made from universal parts.

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The collaborative invention of a universal building system for your sustainable future.
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Ikego is a collaborative design project for sustainable circular design. Designers develop models from multipurpose parts and enable local workshops and larger manufacturers across the globe to make these sustainable modular products and sell them to their customers. Current models range from sustainable furniture and upgradable backpacks to easily repairable consumer electronics such as headphones and clocks. Multipurpose parts are at the heart of Ikego. The system basically works like LEGO® bricks but for real-world objects: You can take a product apart and use its parts to build something completely different. This makes it easy to upgrade, repair and reuse products. Everything is based on open innovation. Anyone can become an Ikego designer and add new models and parts to the system. Every customer can become a designer by simply rearranging their Ikego home. Join today.