Open Beta

In open beta  

Ikego is a construction site, you can join. 

Ikego is a complex project to start. We have built it step by step, but it is not finished yet. But we are in beta, everything should work and you can join us already! Let’s make products that love freedom as much as you do. 

Initial 44 models

Ikego is about creating solutions using multipurpose parts. The goal is: Each part in our catalog should be part of at least two different models. No single use parts allowed.

the same part used in different products

But how to start this? How to add part one? We started with designing 44 models with shared parts. A big bulk at once to balance everything out. 

One thing on our todo-list is to polish and document these functional prototypes. One by one they will appear here on the page. Once all (or most of them) are up we will officially launch and go into beta. Join our newsletter to get notified.  

But don’t wait for the launch. Feel free to start already! There is already usable documentation on the page and it gets more almost every day. 

Open alpha ended June 1st 2024