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Ikego is now out and new in the world. To test it properly and make it work, we need ambassadors. Marketing speed! Help us spread the word. Wherever you can.

#Ikego #multipurpose

Do you have ideas that go beyond sharing? Reach out! Let’s put this tool in the hands of creators around the world.

Business side

Some of the current and many of the future designs on this page are great. They just need a manufacturer. Want to help us develop the business side of this project? Reach out.

Graphic Design/Webdesign

Obviously some parts of this page could use a more talented visual artist and web designer. We don’t even have a logo yet 🙂 Want to help? Reach out. Make the circular design revolution look great!


Multipurpose parts are the core idea of Ikego. But we feel we have just a basic understanding. We have a looong list of questions. Something great researchers could help with! Scientific and non-scientific. Want to build a useful knowledge base for a modular design revolution? Email us. 

Can you do more? Get in touch with your ideas.