Ikego Public Promise Vs 1.0

Ikego Public Promise

Version 1.0

This statement applies to any documentation which contains a notice stating it is subject to the Ikego Public Promise and to all products based on that documentation.

I am the designer of this work and associate it to this statement because I intend to add it to the Ikego parts catalog.

Ikego is a collection of parts for making models and products. Ikego parts enjoy the same freedoms as anything in the public domain or prior art. They can be studied, modified, made and sold by anyone without restrictions or conditions.

I, as the designer of this work hereby publicly declare that I will not use any intellectual property rights I have or may have in this work to limit or guide what others can do with it. I want everyone worldwide to be free to work with my work – including commercial use of any kind – and I attach no conditions to it. I want my work to be as free as if it were in the public domain or as if it was prior art.

I want this document to be legally binding on me. It is intended to provide legal certainty for all those who want to work with the work shared hereunder. They can do this in every conceivable way. Anyone should use this against me to weaken my position in any future legal proceedings I might bring against people if they use my work shared hereunder.

I would like to repeat one more time that I want others to use this work – my Ikego part – freely. However, this explicitly does not include the use of my name or any other trademarks that I or others own. For any distribution of my work under my name or under trademarks that I own, I urge you to reach out for individual permission first.


This text above was written by Lars Zimmermann. Lars Zimmermann is not a lawyer or a law firm and does not provide legal services. Distribution of this document does not create an attorney-client relationship. Lars does not make warranties regarding the use of this document or the information or works provided hereunder, and disclaims liability for damages resulting from the use of this document or the information or works provided hereunder.