Local Make


Local Makes

Ikego models are deliberately designed to be easily made in local workshops around the world. Get one made for you. Search for a local craftsmen, a carpenter for example, and share with him or her:

  1. the link to the model you chose, and
  2. the manufacturer brief wich contains instructions for professional makers concerning the business side. 

Ask for a quote. If you like the price, order. That’s it.

Give it a try, it’s fun! You’ll connect with your environment by finding your craftsperson and support a local business.


Ikego tries to create and share designs that are easy to make. If you have some skills, you should be able to make many of the models shared on this site yourself, in your basement or at a local open workshop/FabLab. And you are allowed to! Did you know that in most jurisdictions around the world you are allowed to make even patented or otherwise IP-protected things for yourself? As long as you make it for your own personal use, it is perfectly fine. So if you have the skills, go for it. If you are not very handy hire a local craftsman to make a design for you ↑.