Fortune Angels / Models / Other · January 24, 2024

Angels – home decorations

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The full name for these is angels is “Climate Change Survival Angels”. They are a shiny decoration for your home and will brighten up any Christmas tree. But their modular design also makes them a good part donor for other, perhaps suddenly more urgent things. An addition by designer Lars Zimmermann.

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On parts & builds

  • The studio has documented over 100 different angels. The pictures show just a few. See more here in the Studio’s public Flickr album 
  • The pictures show colourful angels. All (or at least most) are made entirely from standard Ikego parts. This is just one case where the tolerance rule really plays a role. The washers/disks are made of various metals and sometimes wood. The beads have all sorts of interesting shapes, but all within the +/-15mm range. 

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