Balli Balla / Lars Zimmermann / Models / Seating · January 28, 2024

Balli Balla – seats

“Wow, it’s much more comfortable than I expected!”

Every tester ever

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“Balli Balla” brings together a couple of Ikego parts and turns them into modular and surprisingly comfortable seats. It is an addition by the designer Lars Zimmermann.

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On parts & builds

  • Does this look comfortable? Not so much. But the studio says that every tester was surprised how comfortable it actually is. 
  • Here are two more things the studio says: “The 4 ball seat cushion is the best solution and the one that gave us the reason to post this. The mat is also great (but it is hard to get that many balls). The single might work great for some kind of kindergarten. The lean-back works but is meant mostly as a joke.” 
  • “The models in the pictures use cheap vinyl balls. But you can replace those with foam balls or yoga balls for different results.”
  • The list for core parts is very short. Only if you want to build the backrest seat you’ll need 076.2103.1104.1 & 018.1. The Tube part 048.1 only works for the single seat. 
  • Not shown in the pictures. But depending on the material you choose, the rings will have some suction for the balls. The balls don’t fall out as often and as easily as you might think. 
  • “It is funny with this design. Most people will have assumptions about the problems it will have, which actually turn out not to be as big as they think.”

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