095.2 – 90mm rod with M6 insert threads “elephant rod”

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  • What: A rod with M6 insert threads on both sides. 
  • material: strong
  • measures:90mm high (fixed!), ⌀ ~35mm. The insert threads are 15mm deep in. There is an extra 25mm space for a bolt after the insert thread. So in total there is room for a 40mm M6 bolt (see sketch below) 

Sketch by the designer Parker Haynes


  • Size: The length is fixed at 90mm, but the ~35mm diameter is flexible within the standard tolerance 
  • Material: standard tolerance
  • Interchangeability: The “elephant rods” proved to be very useful. Several uses for them were added after their introduction. However, the elephant rods are quite thick and strong and require M6 nuts, so they use a lot of material. Not all applications require the rods to be so strong. So “weaker” twins were introduced (112.1-112.4) using M4 nuts. In some applications the elephant rods can be interchanged with these twins.

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