112.4 – 300mm rod with M4 insert threads

Part info

  • What: A rod with M4 insert threads on both sides. 
  • Material: strong
  • Measures: 300mm high (fixed!), ⌀ ~22mm. The insert threads are 10mm deep in. There is an extra 20mm space for a bolt after the insert thread. So in total there is room for a 30mm M4 bolt. Study the sketch of the part 95.4 – this part follows the same logic but with different measures. 


  • Size: The length is fixed at 300mm, but the ~22mm diameter is flexible within the standard tolerance 
  • Material: standard tolerance
  • Exchangeability: This part was introduced after many use cases for the “Elephant Rods” (095.1, 095.2, 095.3, 095.4) were found. However, the Elephant rods are very thick and strong and have M6 threads, i.e. they use more material than is necessary for some of their applications. This is why this thinner version of the component was developed. However, the parts are interchangeable in many applications.

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