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115.1 – 2 corner bracket, M6, 15mm to edge

Basic Info

  • What is it: A bracket
  • Material: strong | standard tolerance
  • Dimensions: ~22x22x20mm, the distance between the center of the hole and the edge is fixed to 15mm. All other dimensions are subject to the standard tolerance. All the brackets shown here (so far) create pockets for M6 nuts. This allows this part to be 3D printed for example and still have a strong thread and flush surface. However, angles without pockets are also part of this component if the other dimensions match. | STL files for various versions of this part are available for download below.
  • Holes: Two ⌀6mm

This distance (centre of hole to edge) is fixed. All other dimensions are variable.

There are several versions from strong to less strong available to download as .stl file ↓

Closer shots of these versions, with a thin and thick version of the M6 nut (089.1)

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