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Tetri Box

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The Tetri-Box is a flexible kit that contains parts to create infinitely customisable, stackable and expandable boxes. It is a contribution by designer Birte Hartmann.

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On parts & builds

  • The original post by the designer shares 4 configurations of the parts. For each configuration there is a detailed and numbered parts list of the required parts.  

  • The Tetri Box introduced these hinge parts (113.1). Here you can see how they are used.
  • The boxes visible here in the post consist mostly of relatively thin panels and thin brackets (114.1 & 115.1). If you want to stack several boxes or place heavy loads on the boxes, it is advisable to switch to thicker board material and use thicker versions of the 114.1 and 115.1 brackets.
  • A key idea of the Tetri Box is the introduction of the Tetri Board – a board with all possible holes within the Ikego Grid. This makes the board an infinitely flexible part. This can also be used directly here. There are many parts in the parts catalog that can be used, for example, to attach useful brackets or holders to the outside of the Tetri Boxes.
  • The boards have 10mm holes. If you use M6 countersunk bolts for the joint, they will sink in, giving an almost smooth surface (the bolts will not stick out). In addition, the countersunk head will centre the thread of the M6 thread in the middle of the 10mm hole. The result is both technically and aesthetically pleasing.

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