Bengi / Lars Zimmermann / Max Cuppens / Models / Seating · January 19, 2024

Bengi – bench

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“Bengi” is a simple two-seater bench. An addition by Max Cuppens and Lars Zimmermann.

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On parts & builds

  • As shown in the pictures you can make this bench using thinner or thicker material for the legs. If you go with extremely thin material its recommended to swap the beam (078.1) with a longer one (079.1). It’ll work equally well but give you a bigger standing surface. 
  • The parts list has a number of M6 bolts of different length. Which length you actually need will be decided by the thickness of the material used for the bars. In general many of the fasteners shared in the parts list can easily be replaced with others. Something you’ll see clearly, when you start building your version of Bengi.
  • The spacer (072.1) needs to have the same thickness as the bars. 
  • In a way Bengi works as an alternate build of Addi the chair when it comes to the selection of parts. 

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