Addi / Lars Zimmermann / Max Cuppens / Models / Seating · February 9, 2024

Addi (3 models)

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Addi was Ikego’s first chair! It’s the result of a collaboration between the designers Max Cuppens and Lars Zimmermann

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On parts & builds

  • The chair stacks several bars on to each other and connects them with long bolts. The actual chosen thickness of the bars (standard tolerance) will determine the length of the bolts needed. The parts list has several bolts, but you won’t need all of them. 
  • The parts list contains regular nuts (089.1) and wing nuts (088.1). You do not to have need both. They can be replaced with each other. 
  • The thickness of your bars will determine the standing area of the chair. If very thin bars are used a you should use beam 079.1. Thicker bars work best with beam 078.1. Both beam sizes are listed in the parts list but of course you only need one size when you make your chair. 
  • The spacer 072.1 should have the same thickness as your bars. If you get it from a different source you need to bring the level of the bars and spacers to the same level. Maybe washers help.
  • The spacer 034.1 determines the angle of the backrest. 40 mm has proven to be very good to achieve a comfortable standard backrest angle.
  • The original post recommends to mill in a butt pattern and back curve into the seating plate 080.1 and backrest plate 081.1 which is a good use of the standard tolerance
  • The original post by the designers  shared already 3 alternate models ↓
  • To make alternate model #2 you need part 073.1 as an extra. 
  • Alternate model #1 and #3 use fewer different parts. You do not need the backrest bar 076.1 and backrest plate 081.1
  • Bengi the bench is pretty close to Addi as well. You can almost see it as alternate model #4

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