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113.1 – Hinge 1, ⌀ 6mm holes

Basic info

  • What is it: A “hinge”
  • Material: strong | standard tolerance
  • Dimensions: ~20x13x18 mm. Fixed 15mm distance from center of hole to stopper elevation. Location of hole relative to the underside of the arm is fixed (see drawing). All other dimensions are subject to the standard tolerance. | STL files of this part are available for download below.
  • Holes: Two ⌀6mm

These two parameters are fixed. The rest can be varied within the standard tolerance. ! NOTE: The stopper elevation ensures that the hinge part does not twist (it is only bolted at one point). The fixed distance of 15mm then means that the hinge only works on boards where the distance between the hole and the edge is also 15mm. Minor deviations may still work. But major ones will not.

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