Lars Zimmermann / Models / Storage / Vito-BoxBox · January 31, 2024

Vito BoxBox – storage

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“Vito Boxbox” is a simple storage box. Upgrade it to have wheels, handles a lid or not. An addition by the designer Lars Zimmermann.

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On parts & builds

  • You can have it with or without wheels, with or without a lid and with or without a handlebar, as shown in the pictures.
  • The board on the bottom rests only on the nuts of the bolts that go into the side of the VITO box.
  • The beads on the lid are there to prevent the lid from sliding away.
  • If the VITO box is well made, you can even sit on it. It is basically also a stool.
  • Wheel assembly: See the workshop picture above. The wheel runs on two M6 nuts. The order is: nut|washer|box|washer|nut|nut|washer|head of bolt. This is not very elegant, but it works. But it can easily be improved. If you want to go with the solution below you should replace the nuts with lock nuts.

  • From a happy user: “We use the Vito Box to store our children’s toys under the bed (solution without wheels). A perfect solution that looks good and works well”.

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